Amazing Grace

Text: John NewtonMusic: Commonly sung to the tune “New Britain,” (composer anonymous)Copyright: Public DomainThemes: God’s Grace, Salvation, Perseverance, Hope Background and Message Arguably one of the most famous hymns of the past few centuries and perhaps of all time. All of the verses except the last one were written by English poet and Anglican clergyman John Newton […]

By Faith

Text & Music: Keith & Kristyn Getty & Stuart TownendCopyright: 2009Themes: Faith in God, Hope, Perseverance, Endurance Background and Message This modern hymn echoes the message of Hebrews 11. Throughout the Bible, God’s salvation of his people, whether in the Old or New Testament, has always been “by faith.” In verse 1, it is by faith that we see God’s hand through […]

A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Text: Martin Luther (Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott)Music: Martin LutherWritten: ca. 1527Themes: Confidence in God, Christ’s Victory, Satan’s Defeat, Spiritual Warfare Background and Message Arguably one of the best-known hymns of the last 500 years, both the words and the music were written by the reformer Martin Luther around 1527. Translated from the original German, the […]