Thomas H.B. Slawson

I’m a devoted follower of Christ, husband, father and pastor.

Since 1997 I’ve served in church ministry in various capacities, including music director, youth minister and as a lay elder. I was born in Mississippi, grew up in Louisiana, went back to Mississippi for college and seminary, got married, moved to Russia for mission work, returned from Russia and moved to Oregon, and most recently moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where I serve as Associate Pastor for Worship and First Steps at Faith Baptist Fellowship.

I love studying and teaching God’s word, and helping others follow Christ and grow in their knowledge of him. Writing has often proven an effective way of doing that.

I’m blessed with an amazing wife, Cristy, and four beautiful children. Over the course of our marriage we’ve experienced God’s grace in innumerable, and unexpected ways especially through the life of our oldest child Isaiah, who was born with spina bifida.

As a couple, we love creative things, the outdoors, cooking and sharing lots of laughs together and college football! I’m a die hard LSU Tigers fan and my wife a Clemson Tigers fan, so it makes for some interesting Saturdays around our house in the fall.

Nothing written or posted on this blog should be construed as being an official or unofficial opinion or position of my employer/home church Faith Baptist Fellowship, Sioux Falls, South Dakota